The ScooterDesk is a wheeled standing-aid with an included writing tablet. It serves as a mobile touch-down station for occasional short tasks: - filling out forms - checking data, browsing the net, email or a magazine - taking note while talking on the phone - … It can also be made to order as a dual version; with seating for 2 persons.

Scooterdesk was top-nominated at INDEX:design awards and got an honourable mention at ID magazine.


ScooterDesks support your natural need for movement, both directly and indirectly. They improve the ergonomic wellbeing (of workers) for all possible kinds of activities where occasional sitting and use of a small desk are needed. When using a ScooterDesk: - Your back is in optimal position: straight. - You are stimulated to gently move and change position often: - You train your ligaments and muscles, and stimulate your circulation and metabolic processes. - You may have a lot of fun riding to your co-workers.

areas of application

ScooterDesks are extremely universal, they have many areas of application:


Alternate tasks between (static posture) workstations and ScooterDesks to avoid spinal injuries and accommodate the stricter healthcare laws. Greatly improve interactivity between co-workers; organise instant group- meetings, without leaving for the auditorium. Improve your freedom to task everywhere, not only at the office, but also at the factory, warehouse, or even outside, wherever you are needed. Review files at the archive locally, without having to run back and forth with them to your desk.


ScooterDesks are useful as complementary desks for home-workers, small businesses and practices, at places where there are no other writing facilities. With a ScooterDesk you can take some work into the garden, terrace, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen,… or your children can do their homework on a ScooterDesk-Duo in the kitchen… places where you wish to do some work, but are not facilitated for it.

semi-public spaces

  • filling out forms at post offices/banks
  • self banking
  • ‘laptopping’ at the wifi-spot in the airport lounge
  • flipping through a book in the library
  • as laptop desks in hotel rooms
  • as touch down stations for guards in museums or shops
  • reading magazines in waiting rooms
  • at (adult) schools for outside lectures and mini auditoriums
  • outdoor sketching in the park or zoo
  • hostess checking in passengers at the airport
  • doctor doing his rounds in the hospital


Thanks to their bike-analogies ScooterDesks are completely self-explaining: They can be effortlessly shared between co-workers thanks to its height adjustable saddle (with wing-nut). Thanks to the handle in the tablet the ScooterDesks can be easily wheeled along when not in use; both in normal position, and with the castor in the air. The swivelwheel at the front gives you complete freedom of movement.


World-acclaim, numerous publications


worldwide shipping*

packing size
36 × 14 × 107 cm
15 minutes
50 × 96 × 80 cm
8,5 kg

100% recyclable
minimum footprint
user serviceable


powdercoated metal tubes
solid compactcore HPL
Italian Vinyl saddle
suitable for fulltime outdoor use


orange saddle and top
frame silver metallic